Rockingham Lodge #76

Candia, New Hampshire


Welcome to the website of Rockingham Lodge #76. We are located on 12 South Road in Candia, NH.

Wor. David R. Bouchard

The officers of the Lodge are as follows:

      • Senior Warden: Bro. Richard Davis
      • Junior Warden: Bro. Russell Couture
      • Treasurer: Bro. Robert LaBelle
      • Assistant Treasurer: Wor. Sherman Packard
      • Secretary: Wor. Bro. John E. Mason, PM
      • Assistant Secretary: Bro. Richard Mitchell,
      • Senior Deacon: Bro.
      • Junior Deacon: Bro.
      • Marshal: Bro. Frank Sarra
      • Chaplain: Wor. Bro. Jerome T. Becker, PM
      • Senior Steward: Bro. Felix Shepard
      • Junior Steward: Bro. Jason Laurent
      • Tyler: Sean R. Becker

We are a humble country Lodge and welcome visitors. So please stop by for a visit, have a cup of coffee and talk for awhile. Also, during the months of January, February and March, we serve breakfast on Sunday mornings from 7:30 to 10:00. The fee is $8/adult, $4/child (6yrs - 12) and seconds are free!

Joining the Lodge

To become a Mason, you must ask a man whom you believe is a member of the Lodge. No one will ask you.

A Petition must be filled out, signed by two Brothers within the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, and presented to our Lodge.